Why should I choose your training over others I see online?

I’ve been a leader, trainer, coach and spokesperson in the Virtual Assistant for over 20 years. Just Google me or ask around. I have a long and strong history of helping VAs get started and scaling their business into 6 figures. I’ve also been running my own VA business since 1997 so I walk the talk and who better to learn from than someone doing it? 

This question touches my heart because unfortunately, I have seen many “POP-UP” VA trainers/coaches come and go over the years preying on the vulnerable who want to get started as a VA. These instructors have never even run a successful Virtual Assistant business of their own yet. Simply put they are blowing sunshine up the backsides of people who just want to learn how to run a successful VA business. It’s sad but true and I see it happening every day … a flashy website, a lip-syncing Tiktok video, pearly promises, and a  lightning bolt strikes another poor soul sucked into handing over their money for training that won’t help them.

You’ll get no smoke and mirrors with me as I’m an introvert (maybe like you). You’ll never catch me singing karaoke, ever! LOL! My sole mission over the years has been to help Virtual Assistants however I can. You can trust I’ve got your back throughout the lifetime of your Virtual Assistant career with me because I’m a nurturer at heart and get my kicks seeing business success with my VA friends.

So, I encourage you to do your due diligence when choosing a Virtual Assistant Career training program. Ask your other VA friends who have been in business for a while what training programs they recommend. AND remember, Google can be your best friend in finding out information about other training programs or instructors. That or the Wayback Machine can be used to figure out how long a company to do your due diligence. For example, here’s my VA website or my VAnetworking.com training site that shows I’ve been in business for years working as a VA. Who better to learn from than someone who has been doing it successfully for years?

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